Quality and certificates

ec | smart glass | 2 is the second generation of our smart glass. We have been developing, producing and installing intelligent glazing since 2006. From this experience and a real aging and usage process, we have since been able to gain a lot of knowledge about the conditions that lead to a long lifespan electronically and in terms of software.

This means that the durability of ec | smart glass | 2 is not only tested in the laboratory but also proven on the facade.

Discover long-term users.

So far there are no special standards for dimmable glazing in Europe. That is why EControl-Glas continuously tests its glass in accelerated aging and long-term tests. Many glass products have now switched 150,000 times from the brightest to the darkest level and back again.

In addition, ec | smart glass | 2 is subjected to all the usual tests for glazing, whose parameters EControl-Glas increased significantly again. This enables us to achieve an expected lifespan of at least 20 years, during which the dimming remains unchanged. This also corresponds to the time for which standard insulating glass is designed.

  • Test according to EN 12543-4 on EC-VG/Ec-VSG: Resistance to humidity, temperature and UV (IFT)
  • Test according to EN 1279-2 on EC-ISO: Long-term test methods and requirements regarding moisture absorption (IFT)
  • Test according to 1279-3 on EC-ISO: Long-term test for gas loss rate and gas concentration (IFT)
  • Test according to EN 12150 on ESG (factory production control)
  • Test according to EN 1863 on TVG (factory production control)
  • Test according to EN 14179 on heat-soaked ESG (factory production control)
  • Test according to EN 14449 on VSG
  • Determination of lighting data by an accredited institute (Kiwa Institut Magdeburg)
  • Visual inspection according to the leaflet of the Bundesverband Flachglas

These tests are carried out in addition to the standard requirements.

  • In-depth incoming goods inspection of raw glass (spectra resistance)
  • Spectral measurements, layer thickness measurements, electrochemical instant measurements during production
  • Visual and electronic inspection after each work step
  • Long-term tests of the switching function
  • Field / external test ISO & EC

ec | smart glass | 2 meets the current standards for glazing. For example, fall protection, facade and roof glazing, accessibility for cleaning purposes, etc.