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smartes Glas als Sonnenschutzsystem für Systembauten

Are you looking for something special for your customers? Glass that offers more than just looking through? With ec | smart glass | 2 you offer your customers glass with a view! Adaptive glass solutions are becoming the standard in the debate about solar and thermal insulation glazing.

The advantages are indispensable for future-proof facades. Adaptable to any glass surface: from simple windows to winter gardens. Weather-proof, durable, certified for all applications. It works and behaves like normal insulating glass - only smarter.

With ec | smart glass | 2 you offer your customers future-proof and intelligent energy management solutions directly in the glass. Your customers will experience a significantly improved indoor climate in their homes, offices and winter gardens - with simultaneous energy and cost savings.

With ec | smart glass | 2, your customers will experience the optimal indoor climate all year round - no other glazing can do this. In summer, the heat remains locked out, in winter, however, solar energy is welcome and can be used. In addition, in the dimmed state, blue light promotes the creativity and performance of the people in the room.

The costs for additional air conditioning is significantly lower or can even be omitted entirely. Because conventional shading systems are no longer necessary for intelligent glazing, costs for their acquisition, maintenance and maintenance are saved. There is practically no wear and tear on our smart glass. Electricity is only consumed during the switching process - and it is negligible.

Smart home networking has been gaining in importance for new buildings or after extensive refurbishments for some years and in the near future will be part of the basic equipment of every building along with electricity and water. ec | smart glass | 2 can be easily integrated into existing building management systems or works autonomously with its own sensors and electronics.

A wide variety of functions are operated by remote control or run fully automatically. With the control concept ec | concept | individual user requirements can be served: The panes can be controlled autonomously - i.e. without existing building management systems - as well as integrated into existing systems. The control of the glass panes - individually or as a group - takes place via app, wall panel or is configured via browser access for a fully automatic switching process.

Installation, set-up and further support take place directly via EControl-Glas and the permanent partners. In this way, further functionalities and updates can be easily implemented in the future. As the first instance between the outside and inside world, for example, an optional intrusion alarm can soon be integrated.

EControl-Glas has been manufacturing, developing and researching in the field of dimmable building glazing since 2006 and is therefore a pioneer in Europe. Due to the constant expansion of capacities at the company location and the consequently implemented manufacturing, the highest quality “Made in Germany” as well as delivery reliability and security of supply are guaranteed.

Would you like to find out more about smart energy management, a fantastic indoor climate and innovative sun protection? Write us an e-mail or use our contact form.

"We are delighted with the dimmable glazing!“
Mr. Born
Owner of the winter garden