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intelligentes Glas wird mit Hebebühne verbaut

They form the representative part of buildings and always reflect the skills and ambitions of designers and architects: Facades. The combination of aesthetics and functionality is becoming increasingly important when designing the building envelope.

Adaptive solutions in the field of energy management are becoming increasingly important. With ec | smart glass | 2, building managers find the solution to bring such challenges into line with their own visions.

Designers and architects are free to choose their application options. ec | smart glass | 2 is available in all common shapes (square, triangular, polygonal, round) and is compatible with standard frame profiles. Panel sizes from 40 × 40 cm to 135 × 330 cm can be realised. As a result, the possible uses are almost inexhaustible: Window fittings, winter gardens, complete glass facades - ec | smart glass | 2 enables an adaptive building envelope and intelligent energy management for every type of facade. It is always guaranteed: quality “Made in Germany”.

As pioneers of intelligent building glazing, EControl-Glass manages to minimise the solar energy input. The sensors on the building envelope capture precise data and process it fully automatically. ec | smart glass | 2 can thus regulate the solar energy in the room and provides excellent protection against heat and solar radiation in summer, even with large glass surfaces. You can feel it in the pleasant indoor climate year round.

The operating costs are minimal and, thanks to less air conditioning, save significantly more energy than they cost. Power is only consumed during the switching process - this is low at less than 2 W/m2. A connection voltage of 24 V is required for the control unit.

Despite the innovation in our ec | smart glass | 2, it can still be processed like standard insulating glass. The installation is also identical. At the same time, our smart glass is suitable and approved for all applications (fall protection, roof glazing, accessibility for cleaning purposes).

Compared to conventional insulating glass, ec | smart glass | 2 is about three kilograms heavier per square meter. For comparison: Standard insulating glazing (double) weighs 29kg/m2, our counterpart 32 kg/m2.

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"Shading would have destroyed the visual reference of the conference hall to the Eckert and Ziegler logo. We therefore chose the dimmable sun protection glass ec | smart glass |."
Mr. Hofmann
Hofmann Architekten, Berlin