Leuphana: Libeskind-lighthouse in Lüneburg
Surface area: ca. 790 m²
Completion: 2015
Object address: Campus der Universität Lüneburg, Uelzener / Heinrich-Böll-Straße Tor D, 21335 Lüneburg
Architect: Daniel Libeskind
Metal worker: H.O. Schlüter GmbH, Industriestraße 10, 19386 Lübz

Some spectacular architecture can only be realized with extraordinary solutions - such as Lüneburg's central building of the Leuphana University by star architect Daniel Libeskind. The futuristic design with many asymmetrical shapes required a sun protection solution that perfectly brings out the overall artistic picture. That is why Libeskind chose dimmable glass (triple insulating glass 48/9) from EControl (Plauen) for the 37 meter high "jagged" landmark of Lüneburg. "Our dimmable glass is part of the transparent aesthetics, which are characterized by the imposing window fronts and high, light-flooded rooms," emphasizes EControl Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Tobias John and adds: "We were able to implement the different formats without any problems."

The architecturally sophisticated new building, often referred to as a "futuristic building" or "spaceship", required a smart and at the same time elegant shading solution. External sun protection would have thwarted the aesthetics of the architecture. "When planning a climate-neutral campus, the electrochromic glass from EControl came in handy," said architect Daniel Libeskind. Even when fully dimmed, the modern glass still allows enough daylight into the rooms and, thanks to the low total energy transmission, has a positive effect on the room climate and well-being. In this way, the ECONTROL glass fits perfectly into the architectural field of tension between functionality and artistic standards.

Award as "Innovative Object"

790 square meters of glass from EControl fit into the 14,000 cubic meters of concrete and 2,750 tons of steel. The unusual architecture provides completely different formats for the light strips and skylights - often away from the right angle. "Our ECONTROL technology enables the production of various, even free, shapes," says EControl sales manager Manfred Dittmar. A total of 426 panes were manufactured and installed.

The innovative architecture also required creative solutions in production. EControl-Glas found this together with its insulating glass partner ISOLAR Glas Natter GmbH (Regensburg) - with great recognition: The companies received the "Innovative Object" award for the Leuphana glazing at this year's annual conference of the ISOLAR Group.

Triple insulating glass with optimal sun protection

The g-value (total energy transmittance) of the dimmable triple insulating glass ECONTROL 48/9 is only nine percent at the strongest dimming level. The electrochromic glass prevents the university rooms from overheating and combines aesthetics and functionality. The innovative technology behind it: ECONTROL glasses have an internal nanostructure coating. This changes its color as soon as an electrical voltage is applied. This “electrochromic effect” colors the glass blue, blocks out the heat of the sun and thus ensures an optimal indoor climate. In this way, the university rooms remain bright and still pleasantly cool in summer.

"The dimming can be controlled automatically or manually, right down to the control from the tablet," emphasizes Manfred Dittmar, emphasizing the technical possibilities of electrochromic glasses.

Planning and construction

The foundation stone of the central building of the university was laid in May 2011. Libeskind, also professor of architectural design at Leuphana University, included the students in his planning and let them develop ideas. The asymmetrical shapes of the new building complex are intended to contrast the military construction of the existing buildings from the 1930s. The opening took place on March 11, 2017.

Photos: EControl-Glas GmbH & Co. KG / photographer: DIGIWORLD.tv