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ec | smart glass | 2: The second generation of our smart glass. Core component of the adaptive building envelope of tomorrow.

Individual energy management in every pane - smartly networked for a holistic solution.
simulierte Wirkung von dimmbarem Glas bei Eckert und Ziegler in Berlin

The innovative and smart sun protection solution directly in the glass improves the room climate on a fundamental level and is an important part of the energy management directly on the facade.

As smart glass pioneers, we make a significant contribution to the adaptive building envelope of tomorrow. We do this as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart glass with an experience of 14 years of research, development and production. Only we have innovative smart glass with mature technology that has been tried and tested over decades.

Innovative sun protection in the glass for the facades of the future.

The days of roller blinds and blinds that hang obliquely are gone. ec | smart glass | 2 is the elegant sun protection solution directly in the glass. Without mechanical parts, the maintenance effort is reduced and costs for the maintenance of conventional shading systems are completely eliminated.

Wonderful indoor climate and a clear view of the outside at all times.

Our smart glass ensures a constant indoor climate for wellbeing - without obstructing the view outside or blocking out the soothing sunlight.

Homogeneous dimming and the highest quality for glass surfaces of any shape.

The dimming takes place over the entire surface and continuously and is therefore hardly noticeable. The panes can be produced in any shape - quality made in Germany.

Smart energy management on the facade for today’s smart home.

ec | smart glass | 2 is the first connection between the outside and the inside world and it can feel the environment with the sensors. This enables smart and automatic control. For example, depending on the sunlight or the desired room temperature.

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The second generation of our smart glass offers completely new possibilities on the facade. The generation leap enables concentration on new, smart features.

In addition to the previous sun protection and energy management ideas, foresighted and thoughtful solutions come into focus. ec | smart glass | 2 thus sets the standards for future glazing on smart buildings.

As smart glass pioneers, we recognised the innovative power behind technology around 15 years ago and have been developing and researching it ever since. The experience gained since then is precious and extremely valuable for our customers.

Because, in addition to results from special tests, we have gained experience from a wide variety of projects and scenarios and used them to further develop our glass. All findings and improvements can be found in the new ec | smart glass | 2.

EControl-Glas is a medium-sized company based in Plauen in Saxony. Europe’s first manufacturer of dimmable building glazing has continued to perfect and expand its manufacturing capacity in recent years. Due to the manufactory production, the 60 employees can not only realise entire glass facades, but also smaller building projects, such as winter gardens or skylights.

Daylight has a beneficial and positive effect on us and controls important biochemical processes. ec | smart glass | 2 lets daylight into the room at just the right amount, thus increasing well-being. In addition, the blue light increases the ability of people to concentrate in the room. The user can enjoy the clear view outside at any time.

EControl glass makes use of the “electrochromic effect”. Thanks to an internal nano-structured coating, the smart glass can be continuously darkened by applying a low electrical voltage. The blue colour reduces the energy input into the building and reduces the glare. This makes conventional sun protection obsolete and contributes to a noticeable improvement in the indoor climate.

As a direct connection between outside and inside, our ec | smart glass | 2 offers a high level of innovation due to its dynamics. Different sensors and software solutions make the smart glass extremely versatile - for example with predictive dimming or integrated burglary protection (soon available).

Not only can you further develop the glass - for example in terms of its translucency - you can also provide our customers with new functions through software updates.

"Not only can you further develop the dynamic glass – for example in terms of its translucency – you can also provide our customers with new functions with software updates."
Tobias John
CEO of EControl-Glas
"We are on the building envelope and the first thing we feel is what is happening there. This is how we can contribute to a really smart building."
Tobias John
CEO of EControl-Glas

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